Tag Bio collaborates with The GoodWater Company to bring enhanced safety to everyone

Tag Bio collaborates with The GoodWater Company to bring enhanced safety to everyone

25th Jan 2016; Tag Bio Pte Ltd (TB) and The GoodWater Company Pte Ltd (TGWC) have signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) to establish a strategic partnership to improve people’s safety via the means to store essential personal and health information to be made available during time of emergencies. TB offers a range of accessories known as “ID-Life”. These products are practical yet also aesthetically designed to be appropriate for our everyday lifestyles.

Both TB and TGWC have a strong focus on enhancing emergency readiness for Singapore and throughout ASEAN. In addition to gaining access to basic needs (i.e. water, light, medical aid & shelter etc.) during times of emergencies, the retrieval of personal information & data with ease remains key.

The synergy from both our company’s experiences, knowledge and solutions will bring value and higher safety measures to more people in both developed and developing nations. Under the MOU, both companies agree that the cooperation will lead to mutual benefits, and a strong commit to creating significant positive social impact.

Anch – Founder & COO of TagBio Pte Ltd: “We are pleased to embrace this partnership with GoodWater as a means of creating a greater value proposition for the benefit of the communities we serve. We are confident that with this synergy, we will cover all grounds of emergency preparedness and endeavor to continually fulfill our commitment to keep people safe.”

Sean Tan, CEO of The GoodWater Company: “Tag Bio and GoodWater have come in agreement to address the increasing importance of emergency readiness in today’s environment. This will be the focal point of our partnership, which aims to deliver immense value to a greater target audience.”