Past Projects

A Historical Documentation of Past Projects by The GoodWater Company

  • The GoodWater Company Pte Ltd collaborated with local poverty alleviation foundation, Sinergi Indonesia, to co-organize the Indonesia Music & Mission Festival (IMMF) 2014. Aimed at bringing inspiration to youths, the 3-day event comprises of a youth camp, social entrepreneurship forum, and many more interesting activities. The IMMF attracted over 2000 youths and various other participants including distinguished guest, Prof. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Laureate) and Singapore’s Lorong Boys.
  • The capital and second largest city of the Indonesian province of Riau Islands, Tanjung Pinang was the chosen destination for the GoodWater Rain Re-harvesting Initiative.
  • RRI(Rescue & Relief International) collaborated with The GoodWater Company to reach out to the survivors of the flood victims in Lucknow, North India with our simple water solution. It’s the country’s worst natural disaster since the tsunami back in 2003. With clean drinkable water, many water-related illnesses such as diarrhoea, cholera and other water borne diseases can be averted. The GoodWater Company Flocculent powder is made from Fermented “Natto” soy bean. It meets WHO drinking water guidelines and several countries have benefitted like in Cambodia and Indonesia.
  • After Typhoon Haiyan 2013, the school children have to make do with the water from the well, which has become more polluted as a result. The Emergency water purification filter bottle was distributed by CARITAS Philippines and demonstration given to the teachers and village chiefs.