This programme is in collaboration with Astrans Singapore.

What is the programme all about?

Building Resilient Communities

The GoodWater Company’s ERP is committed to building resilient and safer communities in our neighbouring countries in Asia.

Water is a fundamental human need & we therefore regard access to it as our mandate. Many communities around the region still lack reliable access to clean water due to unforeseen situations that are a result of climate change phenomenon or the lack of existing infrastructure.

The Purpose:

A unique pro-active approach that seeks to provide efficient and timely response to any emergencies or disasters with strategic collaborations and good supply chain management. It is established for preparedness to aid active providers & stakeholders  to responding to disaster-prone situations when it strikes.

ERP in Action

  1. Adequately prepare emergencies, allowing increased responsiveness to mitigate impacts upon the onset of one
  2. Improve response efficiencies via proactive set up of local distribution networks & partners
  3. Cost Optimisation via economies of scale, inventory storage and logistics arrangements
  4. Accountability and reporting in a more structured system for tracking and monitoring

Value proposition

  • Strategic Procurement Hub – Solutions ranging from water, energy to medication and wellness
  • Time Optimisation – Advance Packing and Storage readily available
  • Rapid & Effective Response – Deployment upon activation
  • Zero Hassle (All in one package) – Pre-preparation to Packing to Storage and Last Mile Distribution
  • Cost Optimisation with predictable cost controls
  • Well Established networks of NGOs, Private and Public sectors

This programme extends aid to communities facing:

  • Floods or Lack of Access to Clean Water
  • Haze or Environments with Poor Air Quality 
  • Blackouts or Lack of Access to Electricity 


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