The GoodWater Company collaborates with Tami Systemtenik on newly launched desktop water purifier

The GoodWater Company collaborates with Tami Systemtenik on newly launched desktop water purifier

News Release – 18th January 2018


18th Jan 2018; The GoodWater Company and Tami Systemtenik collaborates on newly launched desktop water purifier. Both companies continue to focus on delivering clean drinking water to more people in both developed and developing countries.

Water is one of the most important necessities on earth. All living things (Man, Animals and Plants) need water to survive daily. Without water, nothing can live and exist! Besides quenching our thirst, water also has many other uses.

Through water is available almost everywhere, people in many nations do not have clean water to drink! Drinkable water has become a universal crisis today.

Since 2012, GoodWater has provided clean water in many rural villages in China, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. This was done through a strong global network of corporations, technological partners, non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and academic institutions.

As our company learns and innovates in these nations, new ideas and products are birthed.

Besides making available only for the less privileged and for humanitarian  purposes, we are now going for a “Home Run“. Yes, we are now helping friends and relatives to have not just clean water, but water that is free of particles and impurities such as residual chlorine, heavy metals, rust, odour and E. Coli bacteria. 

We are also looking into empowering the BoP segments through Sustainable Livelihood Programmes. Such as selling of innovations or selling of clean water in their neighbourhoods.

The portable desktop purifier is ideal for the daily needs of our families for drinking and cooking. It is also cost effective retailing at just S$450.


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