Environmental & Social Responsibility (ESR) Workshop , Good Learning Program

What is the ESR Workshop?

“Yet more evidence that the poorest people on the planet are the most vulnerable to global climate change.”

This statement was made in the United Nations annual report on climate change following the worst drought that hit Namibia in August 2013. Global climate change is a reality, and it is making its effects felt most in places where people depend heavily on the environment for survival.

This special 3-hour Environmental and Social Responsibility workshop has the objectives of :

1. Creating awareness of the causes and effects of climate changes and the global water and energy crises.

2. Understanding what the individual can do to slow down this change and impact the people in the world who are financially marginalised.

The Program

Program outline:

1 hour
– Changing climate, changing lifestyles
– Water and Energy crises – what is happening and what we can do

Break (10 min)

1.5 hours
– What is in our water?
– Centre of Excellence site tour
– Outdoor experience with simple but effective water and energy solutions

Minimum number of participants: 20