Good Events

We conduct various water workshops and corporate environment awareness programmes. They consist of training workshops and outdoor activities to engage participants and transfer basic survival skills and knowledge to implement social and environmental initiatives. In addition, participants can also experience a refreshing and unique outdoor dragon boating activity empowering them to do their part in building a more inclusive society for Persons with Disabilities.

Through these interactive programs, participants will engage in:

1. Project management

Workshop based that concentrates on soft-skills and practical training that helps the every-day citizens conceptualise the importance of water and be able to effectively manage our precious resource.

2. Scenario-based, creative systems thinking

Our workshops simulate a scenario-based situation (i.e. natural disaster) that enhances teamwork and creative thinking. Utilising simple technologies, participants are expected to solve and lead challenges to be able to ‘survive’ environmental problems. This also provides as a hands on approach in the overall companies staff engagement programme in understanding sustainability and social responsibility

3. Dragon boating, engagement with Person with Disabilities

Be introduced to the sport of dragon boat racing; a sport that dates back more than 2000 years. Learn the unique language that the Deaf community uses to interact and step in the shoes of a blind person to experience how daily activities for us is different from them. Lastly, be educated on how you can play a part in building an inclusive Singapore.

How can I participate?

Find out more by contacting us via! Our Events are designed to suit individuals, company’s staff engagement CSR or team-building programmes. Individuals will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of the Programme. Please refer to our available programmes below.

Download dragon boating  GAIA PACT Program Itinerary here

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