U.S. FDA Approved junior Respirator

U.S. FDA Approved junior Respirator

SGD 35.00

Designed for Children

For general public use
What makes it special for juniors?
Mask designed with active child in mind that will fit snugly on face to minimize leakage zones and Ezy-Breathe Technology
Patented 3D Design
  • Fluid resistant
  • Filtration efficiency of 80% (CE FFP1 std)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Latex-Free



Do contact us for enquires on bulk purchases.

Price is for 30pcs/box, do contact us for enquires on bulk purchases.
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Delivery charge applies outside of Singapore.
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Are you doing enough?

Staying well-protected from the assault of harmful airborne germs and pollutants take more than hand covering or hiding away. These actions below are insufficient to prevent serious contaminations.

Covering your nose

Harmful particles in the air could be so tiny that covering your nose and mouth may not be helpful. It could even transmit diseases from your contaminated hands to you and vice versa.         = INEFFECTIVE


Using Uncertified and Untested Masks

Buying uncertified or untested masks may not be helpful to keep you protected, and neither is wearing a mask incorrectly. = INEFFECTIVE


Staying Indoors

Staying indoors to avoid the air outside is no fun at all. What’s more, opened windows means air is still able to travel straight into your home.= INEFFECTIVE