Step Pure Portable & Robust Ultra Filtration Water System

Step Pure Portable & Robust Ultra Filtration Water System

SGD 6,000.00

During a disaster, access to clean water often remains a critical and challenging issue. The portable ultra-filtration Stepper Pure system will allow more victims access to clean and safe water for consumption and survival.

The Step Pure Water Filtration System does not require electricity to operate and thus is very appropirate for use in disaster stricken and remote areas where power supply is affected or scarce. The lightweight and compact 1,200 litre per hour system is compact, with each unit designed to fill 800 bottles (ea bottle with a 1.5 litre capacity) with filtered water per hour.

How to use the Step Pure Water Filtration System?

1. Step to activate the pump – Water passes through a dual flow fibre membrane system. This process is known as ultra-filtration where particles larger than 0.01 microns including bacteria and viruses are removed.

2. Carbon filter in system removes foul smell and odour

3. Check the membranes for any dirt. When there is dirt caught in the membrane, a pressure gauge will show an increase in pressure indicating that the system requires cleaning.

4. Membranes can be cleaned through a back flush ( clean water flows in a reverse direction to remove sediments and micro-organisms stuck on the membrane surface)

5. Get clean water!

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