GW Purification Bottle

GW Purification Bottle

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Simple, portable yet effective purification bottles that treat water suitable for consumption, an ideal solution for disaster relief. Purifies up to 300 to 400 liters of dirty ground surface water.

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Structure of the GoodWater® Emergency Water Filtration System

The GoodWater® Emergency Water Filtration System has two stages, each performing a vital task in the filtering and energizing process.

  • Anti Bacterial Carbon Filter
    Purpose: To filter coarse contaminants, chlorine, foul odour, chemical substances, bacteria and heavy metals. The filter uses a patented mixture of granular and fibrous components in the absorption matrix.

This effectively removes organic compounds, heavy metals and other harmful impurities in water and reduces water hardness.

  • Micro-Filtration
    Purpose: To filter chlorine, foul odor, bacteria and other contaminants

The Ultrafine filtration offers filtration at the level of 0.2 microns. This ultrafine filtration technique, together with its speed of delivery (1 liter every 45 seconds), allows the device to be used in disaster relief and rescue operations.

The bottle that contains our filter is made of polycarbonates, an extraordinarily durable form of plastic highly resistant to wear and tear.

How the filtration system works

The pressurized air (by way of rubber hand pump) is forced through the hollow fibre membrane to achieve a good standard of treated water. The process is as follows:

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane Filtration is designed to remove up to 0.2 micron size of bacteria
  • Stainless Steel Strainer and Cotton is being used to trap dirt and bacteria
  • Activated Carbon / Charcoal is, finally, used to remove odour

Note : The filtration system can effectively filtered up to 400 to 500 litres of normal untreated water from rivers, ponds & lakes without replacement of the filter element. This is subjected to the water source level of contamination.


First Time:

Step 1: Fill the water bottle with normal water (with filter element) to at least half-full
Step 2: Squeeze the hand pump until water flows out of the tube
Step 3: Stop the flow of water by depressing the water-stopper device
Step 4: Dispose the first round of treated water


Step 5: Release the water-stopper to allow the water to flow and repeat steps 1 & 2
Step 6: Fill the empty bottle with treated water
Step 7: Continue to drink purified water by repeating steps 1 to 3

Engaged by Singapore Red Cross

GoodWater®Emergency Water Filtration System is a patented system engaged by the Singapore Red Cross for emergency use in disaster-hit areas where clean drinking water is temporarily unavailable.

Recently, we have supplied 10,000 filtration systems to The Singapore Red Cross for use in the Philippines capital Manila and nearby provinces due to ‘Typhoon Ketsana’, which caused some of the worst flooding in decades.

Tested by TUV SUD PSB:

The water treated through the filtration system was found to exceed World Health Organization (WHO) safe drinking water standards and also that of Singapore – Public Utilities Board (PUB) Standards.

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GW Purification Bottle

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