WaterPot – Arsenic Filter (14 L)

WaterPot – Arsenic Filter (14 L)

SGD 65.00

WaterPot is a special household water dispenser to treat arsenic for use in areas where piped-in water and electricity are unavailable. Water is poured in from the top and slowly filtered through the various media layers, including arsenic adsorbent; by gravity. Suitable for water with Arsenic level up to 500 ppb.

Water source from:

  • Ground water
  • Surface water (River, ponds, lakes)
  • Piped in water

Water with high turbidity/muddy is recommended to have pre-treatment (e.g. using PG flocculent)

Available in 14 and 28 litres volume.

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Layer Stages Functions
Top Silver Impregnated Candle Filter Remove 1 micron sized solid particles. Clear water passes downwards
1st layer Granulated Activated Carbon Filter To remove any volatile organic chemicals, neutralizes water pH level, and stabilize water to be more pleasant testing
2nd layer Zirconium Media Arsenic Adsorbent
3rd layer Zeolite To enhance water polishing and heavy metal removal.