Client Testimonials

“Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about GoodWater – The Leading Social and Environmental Solution Integrator…”

“The GoodWater Company has supplied CHARIS  with the  emergency purification bottles and through her partners were deployed in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We were glad that they were able to provide some access to clean water for humanitarian and relief workers and victims during this adverse situation.”

Philip Lim, Deputy Chairman CHARIS (Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore)


“Together with help from donors and partners we were able to provide relief for clean water and solar lighting to the inundated places in Philippines and Lucknow, India with The GoodWater Company’s solutions”

Steve Loh, Director Rescue & Relief International based in Singapore.

“GoodWater is truly an integrator for social and environmental solutions, they brought new ideas to our business. This readable syringe is a simple social innovation that we piloted. It helps the visually impaired, far-sighted and elderly patients to self-administer liquid medication. It helps to draw and dispense liquid medication with more accuracy.”

Dr Tan Kok Kuan of Dr. Tan & Partners.


“The GoodWater Company provided their social and environmental services during our Family Day 2014 that serves to remind our staff and families on the importance of Water Conservation and not to take our scarce water resource for granted in our homes and for society. A good example is the successful launch of  the 10-litre water challenge to employees during our Family Day with the support of the GoodWater Company. We are pleased that the message was brought forth in a practical and fun manner during the day’s activities” 

Shannen Fong, Head of Corporate Relations , Asia Pacific Breweries S’pore

“We are delighted to welcome GoodWater as our official ambassador this year! Having had the privilege of working with them on a wearable watch innovation that alerts our members of impending danger when detecting loud sound, we foresee a great year of invaluable partnership. We are grateful for the support of a social minded corporation such as GoodWater in raising public awareness for the Deaf and look forward to many more exciting projects to come”

Judy Lim, Executive Director of SADeaf 

“The GoodWater Company is collaborating with A*STAR SIMTech in sustainable water solutions through innovation in design, and development of cost effective filter elements. The objective is to create social impact to developing countries for easier access to clean drinking water. Together SIMTech’s technical strength and the Company’s unique business model, the results of collaboration can be used for a social and environmental benefits to tackle the effects of today’s climate changes.”

Dr Chen Wei Long, Director, Sustainable Manufacturing Centre, A*STAR SIMTech

“The GoodWater Company has responded positively and speedily on all our requests in providing services, collaborative work and educational sharing sessions over the years. A company that provides beyond the innovative social and environmental solutions, with people of great passion.”

Kan Siew Leong, Manager, Communications and Networks Group, Nanyang Polytechnic

“It is a very meaningful experience for students of Institutes of Higher Learning to visit The GoodWater Company. Through just a short engagement, we were able to learn of GoodWater’s work and mission as a social enterprise. We enjoyed the session a lot and look forward to future engagements with GoodWater.”

Dr Kankana Mukhopadhyay, Research Fellow, NUS College of Alice & Peter Tan