The GoodWater Company is an enterprise Solutions Integrator for social and environmental services and innovations.

Since established in January 2012, the company has built a strong global network of corporates, technological partners, non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and academic institutions. The aim is to provide and help more private companies step up their engagements in  social and environmental activities.

Our offerings include:

  1. Provision of Community Resilience response bundles
  2. Provision of water, solar, communications & wellness related solutions
  3. Implementation of CSR or livelihood programs to address rural community needs or aid companies in early community engagement
  4. Leisure – Travel with a humanitarian focus
  5. Education – Water and sustainability programs
  6. Customized corporate events with sustainability themes or CSR activities to meet corporate’s needs.

Our initiatives are made possible by an aggregation of partnerships from Singapore, Austria, China, Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. The on-going research and innovations are also backed by our Singapore R&D hub, and supported by our existing partnerships with institutes of higher learning agencies in Singapore and around the region.

The GoodWater Company leverages on our global alliances to advocate the importance social and environmental impact to businesses throughout Asia. Countries in which we have footprints include Indonesia (Jakarta & Malang), China (Shanghai), with references accomplished in Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand.

For the Less Privileged

Educating and bringing simple solutions to the Bottom of Pyramid Segment. Helping them gain access to safe drinking water, energy, wellness, communications and education.

For Humanitarian Aid

An integrated platform that inspires and nurtures the human spirit through a network of public-private partnerships and community engagements. We provide innovative solutions to tackle social and environmental issues.

Last Mile Distribution

We build an effective last mile distribution channel by partnering the corporates, Institutes of Higher Learning, NGOs and Governmental Organizations to reach out to the communities in developing countries.